Thursday, December 18, 2014

I haven't forgot

Wow, over a year since my last post. It has been a pretty incredible year for my family and exploration. We had our second daughter in Sept and I have done some great diving and participated in some incredible exploration. Stay tuned, Ill have some more update in the next few weeks. Here is a photo summary.


Deep Wreck Diving- Key West

USS Kendrick

CCR Love

Dipolder III

Exploring on the Suwannee

Lots of time in the Twin Dees Shaft

Even more time in the Deco Habitat

Great Dives and Good Friends

Twin Dees

The Family Unit

Trio became a quartet

The finer things


Mexican Pride Wreck


Manatee Springs



New Cavers

New Divers

Finding Beauty in West Texas

Phantom Springs

Texas Diving

The New Addition- Conely